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F.A.F Staff

Need a motorbike courier?

Need it fast??

Don't waste time with the others, they may be quick but we are
Fast As Fuck

Call now - 0871 789 FAST (0871 789 3278)
Calls cost 10p per min from BT - may more of a rip off from other networks

We cover the UK and Europe and other places like East Angular

We are a new and exciting elite premier number 1 first class superb courier company based in Peckham, Powys & Milan, smaller depots in middleton keynell and saylesbirdy

F.A.F Courier Poptart

Our friendly couriers will collect your item for delivery in the fastest possible time and with customary smile

Our couriers
Eggs Benedict
& Poptart, are waiting for your call.

F.A.F Staff F.A.F Staff

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