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Why advertise overpriced clothing to advertise nike, animal etc when you can advertise us instead?
Quality items* to show off to your mates, also helps our site climb to world domination status
*These items REALLY ARE available for purchase - get your wallet out


F.A.F Couriers T-Shirt

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How baggy?


F.A.F Couriers Mug

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Hi-Vis vests


F.A.F Couriers HiVis (Back)


F.A.F Couriers HiVis (Front)

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Order your Fast As Fuck Hi-Vis here, now, if not sooner. Unfortunately your favorite superhero couriers are far too busy to deliver it in person (unless you pay huge sums of money) so you'll have to make do with normal postage. Priced only £7.99 each

How Fat are you?


F.A.F Couriers Sticker 1 F.A.F Couriers Sticker 2

Vinyl stickers available in blue or yellow and a bargain at only 80p including FREE postage Approx 15cm long

If you don't want to buy here, you can get these and other stickers at Forum-stickers - click here

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