F.A.F Couriers TomTomTony

All our bikes are fitted with a TomTomTony V2, the easy to fit TomTomTony simply bolts on to the side of your motorcycle and can give directions to anywhere in the UK. Here we can see the TomTomTony giving our rider Marmalade directions to Burger King
Never get lost again with TomTomTony V2!

F.A.F Courier Poptart

Poptart rides a Suzuki RF600R Battlestar Galactica. Its phookin fast and trussed up like a pork wagon so the traffic gets the fuck outta the way

F.A.F Pot Noodle Lunch

Bish - Bash - Bosh
Job done
There's no messin with F.A.F. couriers, we even carry our own dinner and rest stops are kept to a minimum, even in the big smoke there's always a hedge we can nip in to to take a leak.
The is no delay with us.
Some couriers are quick be we are
Fast As Fuck

F.A.F Ginger Courier

We even have ginger couriers and burds to move your shit
(if you prefer not to have lower class couriers in your gaff just let us know when you book)

We're a proppper bizniss now, we've got some hi-vis stuff printed ao you can see us cummin when we're deliverin ur shit

F.A.F HiVis 1


F.A.F HiVis 2
Pan and Box Big Box

Why pay for a van when we can strap ur stuff to our bikes. It rarely falls off and even if it does and gets damaged we can still deliver it and deny any knowledge or if all else fails we just change our phone number.

Eggs & Poptart show off their parking on double yellows skills

F.A.F Couriers Eggs and Popstart parked
F.A.F Courier Poptart

Poptart is our youngest courier with over 6 days experience. She has already successfully completed 5 jobs delivering packages to hedges in and around Middleton Keynes and likes to be known as "ma bitch"

We're looking for staff, if you've got a bike, know your way around and ride it like you stole it, give us a rattle by emailing us on the address below

Poptart cheating in the balancing on one foot challenge by putting foot on wheel

F.A.F Courier Popstart Balancing